It’s Today.

“I know that this very minute has history in it…”

I’m here.

The opening scene of Mame (song: It’s Today) is one of my favorites in all of Broadway.  And no, not just because in a life long ago *cough high school cough* I was cast as Mame.

The curtain opens and the audience is treated to a most spectacular site: a dazzling staircase set in the living room of a lavish mansion, women whisking around in sparkling gowns and cocktail dresses, men indulging in libations in good conversation in their finest suits, and they’re all dancing.  There’s lots of dancing.  This is clearly an important party – New Year’s Eve perhaps?

The music swells and all of the guests direct their attention to the top of the staircase. There she appears with trumpet in hand to announce her arrival, as if you didn’t already know.  Mame.

“Mame, what the hell are we celebrating?” asks Vera Charles.

[pause]  That’s right.  No one knows why they are there.  [/pause]

“A holiday!  One I just invented… and all my dearest friends are here.  Even the ones I haven’t met yet!” Mame declares.

It’s a celebration to celebrate.  A party to party.  There’s no rhyme, reason, or apology… and there doesn’t need to be.  Mame does not apologize for living life in her own grandiose way.

I’ve wanted to blog for awhile now.  I didn’t really have the guts and wasn’t sure if I had anything worthwhile or interesting to say.  Then I made up excuses to delay this project, “oh I should wait until it’s New Year’s” or “once I get a couple posts loaded in the queue, then I’ll launch it.”

Well, it is time to take a page out of Mame’s book, “pull out the stops,” and dive in.   It’s time to author this blog.  I have a lot to say that can no longer be constrained to 140 characters.

In posts to come you will find my opinions on topics such as: marketing, social media, web video, higher education, event production and more.  I hope to start conversations so we can learn from each other.

My promise to you is that this will be 110% authentically “me” and like Mame, there will be no apologies.

Perhaps we are dear friends, or maybe like Mame’s guests, you just stumbled into this blog in your fancy pants.  Either way, here you are.  Here I am.  So let’s make something of it.

Cue the swelling music and someone, hand me a trumpet.

“Fellas watch out!  It’s Today!”


Here, only because I know you will find this anyway.


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Mallory Wood is a Vermont-based higher ed marketing professional with a passion for social media, web video, and event production. View all posts by Mallory Wood

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