Free professional development, a click away

I’m hooked on TED

“Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.”  I can’t argue with that!  These videos of interesting and often jaw-dropping presentations are truly “ideas worth spreading.”

I’d like to share with you some of the TEDs that I have recently found inspiring.  I hope that you will share links to your favorites with me.

Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media

Julian Treasure: The 4 ways sound affects us

Jonathan Harris: The Web’s secret stories

Chris Anderson: How YouTube is driving innovation

Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain with music


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4 responses to “Free professional development, a click away

  • Georgy

    Yay TED! I had the chance to attend TEDxBoston in July and it was amazing (here’s my writeup – )

    A couple TED talks stick out in my mind. One is Clay Shirky’s talk on Cognitive Surplus. Pretty much anything he says is brilliant, but this one really struck me:

    Also, Scott Stratten, author of “UnMarketing” (which is high on my to-read list), gave this talk which isn’t so much about social media or web marketing, but about managing the false sense of importance that we can sometimes feel by the “fame” we achieve in this space (how being a big deal isn’t that big of a deal). Warning: this is an incredibly emotional and powerful talk.

    • Mallory Wood

      Georgy, thanks for adding a couple TEDs and your writeup.

      Scott Stratten’s “UnMarketing” is high on my list of books to read as well. The TED you shared of his was amazing and moving. I’m glad to have seen it prior to reading his book.

      It looks like TedxBoston was full of great content. I’ll enjoy checking out those videos!

  • Jeff Johnson

    TED is awesome. Content is king/queen!

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