The road to the Superbowl…

It has been an amazing and inspiring 3 days watching the higher ed community rally around Todd Sanders on his trip to Dallas via the Mercedes Benz tweet race.  His team, #MBTeamS, has been crushing the competition.

Their full tank (which is powered by tweets) for the last 3 days has remained on Full, no other team can say the same. (Okay, so at the end of each night the tank is emptied and extra tweets are converted into points… but each day the loyal pit crew of #MBTeamS has refueled the tank within 30 minutes and kept it at full.)

How did Todd and co-driver John Pederson get into this race?  Why… by web video of course!

And while they do get some great prizes if they win… what is even more important is that St. Jude’s can receive a very important donation of up to $50,000.  I encourage you to consider donating to this worthy cause.

Tim Nekritz wrote a great blog post yesterday titled: content + connectivity: analyzing the brand of @tsand  – check it out.

You can help keep the support going… the race is not yet over!  Just start tweeting with the hashtag #mbteams and @tsand to earn fuel and points!

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Mallory Wood is a Vermont-based higher ed marketing professional with a passion for social media, web video, and event production. View all posts by Mallory Wood

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