Free advice, thanks Cosmo

The best advice I received this week was from Cosmo Magazine.  I’m not joking.

In the “From the Editor” letter Kate White writes, “… when you ask for an extension on a project or reschedule a lunch, you think it buys you time, but ultimately, it’s really a giant time suck.  Rather than allowing you to focus on what’s ahead of you, it keeps you stalled in the past.  You’re still working on something that should already be done, and you’re wasting mental energy worrying about it.”

AKA, keep your meetings and finish your projects on time… even if it means staying at work for an extra 30 minutes.  In the long run, it’s worth it and people will respect you more for it.

What do you think?


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3 responses to “Free advice, thanks Cosmo

  • Nick DeNardis

    I totally agree. It’s all about hustle. Once you let one project slip it is too easy to let the next and then the next. Keeping tight deadlines I feel like it forces you to make more decision by instinct and come up with creative solutions. In the end you may come up with methods and processes that can be reused on future projects. That is how some our best tools were born.

  • Travis

    I also agree. It is much more worth it to keep things on track. You throw one wrench in your schedule and it unbalances your day. I like to know what is going on for that day and if something is postponed or changed, I get stressed because it throws off the other things I planned for that day.

    I also agree with Nick. It pushes you forward. Create new things, push to find creative solutions.

    The only downside is, trying to keep a lot of things on track often leads to stress. Things have the potential to get sloppy.

  • Andrew Careaga

    Great advice, in theory, and when you are in control of the project. Unfortunately, there are times when you must extend or postpone projects or tasks. The key is to be strategic about it and to not overschedule your future. I try to build some time into each day that allows me to deal with the unexpected. Unfortunately, this week, the unexpected took up all of Monday, much of Tuesday and a good chunk of Wednesday morning. It also required me to shift some of my planned, tied-to-deadline work on to a couple of other staff members on Monday, that caused some rescheduling for them.

    Flexibility and strategic planning are the keys.

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