Facebook automatically adds Places to Pages

This week Facebook decided to turn some Pages into Places (henceforth titled Page-Place).   You may be prompted upon logging into your Page to update the address with the message “Listing an address will enable customers to find and check in to your business.”

The problem(s)?

1. You might already have claimed the original Place for your business, institution, or location.  So this move by Facebook essentially is creating a second Place.
2. You might notice that the bing map on your new Page-Place is incorrect.  (Misery loves company, I’m right there with ya.)
3. The option to merge claimed Places with Pages has not been active for some time.

What do you do?  Well there don’t seem to be many options…

1. If you’ve claimed your Place already you can choose to set the Page visibility to “admins only” or even delete the Place permanently.  (Now this doesn’t work if your new Page-Place location is incorrect.)
2. Make sure that the address you are using for your business is accurate according to Bing.
3. Report the bug to Facebook.  No guarantees anything will happen, but it’s worth a try!

Any solutions to add?  Comment below!

Here’s hoping that Facebook sorts this out quickly.

UPDATE 5/24/11

In “Edit Settings” you can hide the map by unchecking the box, shown below.

Facebook Map

Facebook says that if you modify your address the map will refresh, however I have done this a few times with zero results.

Facebook also says you can fine-tune the pin location, but as you can see the map does not even show up in Settings.

Are other users experiencing the same difficulties?


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