Commencement lite

There is lots of talk about Commencement 2.0 and how we incorporate a social experience into the day.  Are you worried that your school can’t keep up?  Were the higher-ups not interested in live-streaming your hashtag on the dias? 

Don’t freak out, I can guarantee you are not alone.

If you do nothing else: make sure that someone is filming the big parts of the day, getting impromptu interviews with graduates, and has plenty of backup batteries in their pocket! 

The footage that you capture from Commencement can create multiple short videos that focus on a recap of the day, messages to the graduates, how the seniors are feeling, and more. 

They will be viewed, I promise.  But the trick is getting the videos up within 24 hours.  Trust me, this is when your proud new alumni will be most interested in re-living their big day.

And if you’re lucky… you might just wind up with a marriage proposal.

About Mallory Wood

Mallory Wood is a Vermont-based higher ed marketing professional with a passion for social media, web video, and event production. View all posts by Mallory Wood

One response to “Commencement lite

  • Travis Brock

    Very good point! Not everyone has the resources (time, staff, equipment, etc) to pull off an awesome Commencement 2.0 experience. And if it is not awesome or worth sharing than you probably shouldn’t do it.

    But, like you said, a video is fairly easy to do nowadays and quickly edit with the right software. And as you are well aware with the video you posted, you can capture moments on camera that are worth sharing.

    I like the comments at the end by the faculty or admin. Very nice video!

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