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Facebook announces Pages redesign

As you may have read from many different sources, Facebook has announced a complete redesign for Pages.  March 11th will be the last day that the “old” Page layout will be available.  Until then, admins have the option of touring and then upgrading to the new layout.

Even as one who considers herself a savvy Facebook user, I have found this Facebook Page Manual to be quite handy.

I have updated the Saint Michael’s College Page and will use that as an example in this post.

New Layout

new look for facebook pages

As you can see, the new layout of Pages is a close match to the recent switch in design of the Profile.


The new Page redesign has eliminated the top row of tabs and instead replaced them with a row of links underneath the Profile Picture.   Beware!  Only six tabs are visible above the “more” link.

Custom Tabs (err… links)

FBML will soon be a way of the past.  As announced via Facebook’s Developer Blog, admins should now build custom landing pages and all future tabs in iFrame.

Log in as the Page

If you were on Facebook when it glitched in December, there’s a good chance you’ve been anxiously awaiting this change.  Admins can now log in as the page.

What does this mean to you? You can now interact with the Pages you manage… as yourself!  You need to go into “Your Settings” and un-check the first box in order to do this.

Email notifications

Pretty self-explanatory.  You can now opt into receiving email notifications when people post or comment on your page.

The good and the bad

As with all redesigns and updates…

facebook comment

I’m in a love-hate relationship with this update.

Love:  logging in as a Page, ability to interact with the page as myself, email notifications, added visibility of the Pages you have “liked,” sleeker design.

Hate:  admins being displayed, spending 20 minutes editing my custom FBML tabs because they were too wide, losing the ability to add new FBML tabs, having to learn iFrame, potential loss of traffic to custom tabs because they are not as visible, having to spend time updating the many Facebook community managers at St. Mike’s on these changes.

This update is also encouraging me to reconsider my decision to not link St. Mike’s Page and Place.

Facebook is not giving you a choice.  On March 11 your page will be updated.  If your Facebook presence is important to you, it is well worth your time to update the Page now.

What do you think about these changes?

UPDATE: According to Page tabs are not changing sizes.  This is just a bug that will be worked out.  Either way, that doesn’t give me back the 20 minutes that I spent this afternoon resizing my FBML tabs.

UPDATE #2:  Users rejoice!  Posts can once again we sorted chronologically on your Page wall.

Screen shot of view of facebook wall


“Chance me” Facebook! Will I get in?

Mom: “Hello, my daughter Laura was rejected from your fine institution today but 6 months ago Facebook told her she had “big happy face” great chance of getting accepted.  Explain yourselves!”

Mary Ann, Director of Admissions at Broadway Rules University: “Sorry, but Broadway Rules had a record number of highly qualified applicants this year and Laura’s grades and test scores didn’t make the cut.”
Mary Ann, Director of Admissions at Broadway Rules University: “Sorry, but there are more factors to the admission process than just grades and test scores and we felt like Laura wasn’t the right fit overall for Broadway Rules.”
Mary Ann, Director of Admissions at Broadway Rules University: “Sorry, but the recommendation letters we received all said that Laura is a pompous jerk who doesn’t work hard or care about excelling in the classroom.  That’s not the type of student who succeeds at Broadway Rules.”
Mary Ann, Director of Admissions at Broadway Rules University: “Sorry, but Laura’s 3 paragraph essay on her uncle who kills cats did not impress our admission office.”
OR …

Point made, I hope.  The admission process is A LOT more than the basic set of questions presented by AdmissionSplash, the new Facebook App which attempts to predict if a student will get into the colleges on their list.

It is surprising to me that AdmissionSplash is making waves (heh heh), because this is not a new concept.  In admissions we call this “chance me.”  AdmissionSplash is not the first, nor will it be the last, of these types of sites., College Confidential, and are all sites designed to match you to the “right” college based on your interests, grades, test scores, and more.  The buzz must be because this is the first “chance me” on Facebook and it allows you to share your results with your friends.

As a former admission counselor I can sit here and tell you that the admission process is more than just grades and test scores until I am blue in the face.  If it wasn’t then there would be no need for admission counselors, they’d be replaced by computers.  But high school students and their families love the “chance me” game.  They crave the (false?) assurances that these types of sites can give them while waiting for the decision letter to come in the mail.

These sites are flawed.  Each year is different for admission offices and the “type” of students they accept – based on enrollment needs, number of applications, etc.  Knowing the profile at Saint Michael’s College I entered in a number of different profile possibilities – some I knew would be clear admits/denys and others I knew were gray areas.   To say the least, I was disappointed with the results that AdmissionSplash spit out at me.  While I can’t speak for the three other colleges on my list,  the data I entered to get the results below should have produced the “fair” or “good” face for St. Mike’s.

admission splash image
What do you think?  How seriously do prospective families take a “chance me” site or app?  Can we trivialize the entire admission process down to just a few data points?

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