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Stuck in a rut.

I am stuck in a rut. Or, trapped by “The Dip” as Seth Godin calls it.

You might have noticed that I am blogging and tweeting less frequently. (Or maybe you didn’t. Hey, you’re busy. I don’t expect you to keep tabs on me.) Lately I have felt like I have nothing to say. And I don’t just want to blog or tweet for the hell of it.

I haven’t felt that creative spark in the last month that has driven my blog for the last year. (I was excited to see that I recently passed my one year blogging anniversary!) I am asking myself why? Why do I blog? What are my goals? What do I hope to give or gain from the experience? These are not questions that are easily answered right now.

So what am I doing to get out of the rut? (That is what really matters.)

1. I am reading more. I am trying to draw inspiration from books, blogs, tweets… inside higher education, outside higher education… anything! In fact, I just bought “The Dip” in hopes it will help me pull out.

2. I am choosing to tweet less. Right now it is about listening.  And I don’t really care if that affects my Klout score.

3. I am writing this post. Because a friend told me a couple weeks ago that simply getting back in the habit of writing, even if it isn’t the most inspirational or fantastic writing I have ever done, can only lead to good things.

4. When a good idea strikes me, no matter the time of day, I am writing it down. And I will act on it. I have promised myself that.

5. I’m asking you for help.

What do you do when you are stuck in a rut?

Please inspire me.


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