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Right before turning out the lights Friday night I decided to quickly check twitter.  I saw a tweet that has made me stop and reflect on my personal and professional life for the last 48 hours.

No, it wasn’t from Charlie Sheen. This tweet from Kyle James caught my attention.

Kyle James twitter screenshot

I’m coming off of three weeks where I have clocked over 70 hours/week working on various projects for various jobs or people.  Among other things: I’m tired, I have neglected some relationships, and I haven’t had time to work out as much as I would like.

But I am not complaining. 

I give 110% to everything I do, I put in long hours of hard work, and being busy… well that is what I thrive on. 

I want to be busy.  And dare I admit it, I want to be successful. 

But so do you.

Kyle’s tweet reminded me why I work hard, because I want to achieve success in my career.  His tweet also reminded me that I am not the only one.  There are people in my field working more than me, harder than me, and they want success just as much as I do.

We all want to be “winning,” but we can’t all be winners.  This is a sobering reality.  Great success does not always follow long hours of hard work.  Yet, I don’t think great success can be achieved without long hours of hard work.

So what do we do?  Keep working hard, keep doing our best, and hope that it eventually pays off.


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