What you missed

Finally emerging from your cookie-coma?  Recovered from New Year’s Eve antics?

Here’s what you missed over the holidays:

Facebook beat Google as the top visited website in America in 2010.

700 billion YouTube videos were watched in 2010.

Seth Godin writes on why your web forms shouldn’t be annoying.

Admins on Facebook can now unmerge Pages and Places.

Bates uses “swing deans” to help minority students enroll and transition into college life.

Dean at Pomona College gives his take on the Common App in response to previous article on the Common App’s technical glitch.

Patrick Powers compiles his “favorite things” for social media and higher ed.


About Mallory Wood

Mallory Wood is a Vermont-based higher ed marketing professional with a passion for social media, web video, and event production. View all posts by Mallory Wood

One response to “What you missed

  • Patrick Powers

    Thanks for putting this together, Mallory, and thanks for the include. Pulling away from social media for a couple of weeks might as well seem like a couple of years. Good to know what I missed.

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